Unit Converter

Convert App AI Unit Converter is a new completely free online application powered by artificial intelligence at lightning speed. All formulas in our application refer to the International System of Units and all conversions are made according to the reference table.
The International System of Units (SI) has been or is about to be accepted by almost all countries in the world, especially developed countries in industry. The reason for this unit change is self-evident when the convenience and benefits it brings in the use of SI units. With this system, the problems and difficulties in using the metric system have been eliminated. Because the most important feature of this system is that a single unit is defined for each physical quantity. Another important feature is the use of single, well-defined symbols for each physical value. In this way, confusion as a result of using the same symbols for different values ​​in different disciplines will be eliminated.

For example, in this system:
The unit cuvette is the unit mass multiplied by the unit acceleration.
1 Kg x 1m/s2 = 1N (Newtons)
Unit work is equal to unit force multiplied by unit distance.
1N x 1m = 1J (Joule)