Convert.App: ConvertIcon & More is now Convert.App with its new name and features! Convert anything now with our converting app that starts streaming online only with .ICO. Convert international units of measure, miscellaneous files, currencies, images, word, xlsx, docx, PDFs and more. Moreover, it is unlimited and free, no registration or email required.
Conversion tool for PNG, Webp, JPG, BMP, HEIC image file to ICO icon image format:

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Convert.App is a powerful converter web app that is fully autonomous and works with simple commands. It is a free, no installation, artificial intelligence supported, user-friendly conversion platform. Our biggest goal when creating this robot is to create an autonomous vehicle that is completely free, fast, easy, high quality, reliable, does not require installation or add-ons.

Actually, this project was born out of a need. I have installed many programs on my computer at different times for operations such as Word, PDF and image conversion, I tried various online sites. In general, the applications that I get quality results are paid applications, and the free ones are very limited or full of ads. The idea of "Convert App" came up when I said why there is no better. We are just at the beginning of the road, but in order to run, we need to start walking...